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EMC to break a “Guiness World Record”

I got an email from EMC at my personal account for them broadcasting a live or on demand event. Of them breaking a record? I just now caught it and it looks pretty exciting. Cannot wait to see what the record is..

check it out here.

Things that excited me was the offerings to SMB and the value sounds pretty promising. I will be looking forward to the future of EMC.

Things to note:

EMC previous records were talked about from far back as 1994:

– 1997 – Introduced Multi – Terabyte storage
– 2002 – CAS system was introduced – tight security + data protection.
– 2005 – First Petabyte storage introduced – (1,000 Terabytes, 1,000,000 Gigabytes, or 1,000,000,000 Megabyets)
– 2009 – FAST storage introduced – Tiered Storage – Changing the management of storage.
– 1997-2010 Number 1 Storage Market Share for Over Thriteen years.
– + 3-5% IT spending Growth – No surprise really.
– IT spending is really high on IT Cost.
– Storage Data will be going to over the “Zetabytes”
– Storage Vendors currently have over a Zetabyte of data.
– Though most things were down to recession information was up over 60%.
– Talked about VNX-e and how it works with Unisphere
– VNX-e Is lower then most competitors in SMB Market- those include Dell, NetAPP, IBM, and etc.
– They will be offering several different families of the VNX series storage – All featuring the next generation of stroage architecture:
Intel Westmere Procs
6 Gbp SAS Back-end
Expanded Ultrafelx I/O – Several different protocols.
File, Block, and Object
Flash Suite Drives Flash Adoption
VNX is 3 times more efficient – and continues to boast the best efficiency on the market
Record breaking performance on Oracle, SQL, and VMware.

– Shipped out the most Flash Storage – > 10 Petabytes

Oh yeah don’t forget the world record of 26 people fitting inside a Mini Cooper.

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My Storage Journey – IBM XIV Storage pt.1

So me and a colleague had some conversation about storage and we are doing in our environments at this moment in time.  He mentioned that they do use XIV and mentioned some of the things it could do when it comes to provisioning, load balancing, and things of that nature.  Not to mention the ability for adding capacity without downtime and so forth.

I am ofcourse kind of a NetAPP fan but in the end I always want to be unbiased as much as possible as I dont really work for any vendor out there.  In fact, we only started using NetAPP recently and in our current VDI/DDV environment use NFS in particular.  In our server virtualization environment we use it for FC and ofcourse run ESX on the bl460c blades – thats HP ofcourse.

After this conversation I decided to do some digging on my own and as always I came across some old blog post and decided if anyone else was interested in learning about IBM XIV they too can take a look.  Ofcourse don’t try to pass it off as something that is a hot topic as it seems the dust may of settled from what I could read.  If you also have any good reading links that you would like me to post leave them in the comments and I will certainly add them.  As alway Thanks!


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