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HP Server Systems and Considerations Part 1

The other day I had the liberty of spending some time researching various things like hardware platforms to run an vSphere 4.0/4.1 environment.   Seeing how licensing is changing to more of a per socket basis and by the VM these days I have been thinking about platforms.

I have worked with various hardware platforms from previous experiences over the years but I have to say I have always liked HP Hardware.  Currently we are working with their current line of Blade Systems and the DL-280’s out in remote sites. After noting how licensing has changed to a more per socket approach I was considering the larger systems like the DL580’s and 980’s this week to save on licensing and have a High Computing environment for which to P2V anything and everything in your environment.

My Obsession first being the DL-980 but then I turned to the DL-580 due to a little less cost and good performance.  Ultimately I would probably go with the DL-980 but the DL-580 still roXXers in my opinion. With the storage bandwidth and multi-DUAL-port 10GB cards this server can really hit the storage hard and fast… So far in the virtual world we are seeing these pains…

More to come…

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