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Is #VCDX Cert worth it?? Legitimate Question?

SO thoughts on the #VCDX?

I know there are a lot of buzzwords out their about certifications and such.  Especially when you are dealing with the virtualization areas of information technology.  Virtualization is a “hot trend” when it comes to seeing Total Cost of Ownership and Return on Invest numbers – often times this has enterprises throwing money at it.  Though some implementations are becoming more affordable when you look at cutting edge technology at low cost. Take for example being able to virtualize local storage  into shared storage (like HP lefthand or Falconstor).  The cost in the lab is getting expensive due to so many new technologies out there that can save you money. For this reason, big enterprises are offing big salaries to people who can really show them how to save money.

I am sure there are many individuals who have been looking at a VCDX for a while.  The fact of the matter, with all the new enhancements to virtuatlization technologies  the engineering and architecture has reached a whole new level.  I think this is where the VCAP exams come in to preserve and protect the credibility of a VCDX.  I agree, a VCDX should not be easily attained and seems by adding the VCAPs to the scenario makes it a little more challenging.  Considering now you have to pay for two additional exams on top of the VCDX certification.  Lately when looking at job postings I saw one even have “VCP – VCAP preferred or higly desired”.  Sometimes it makes me wonder if just getting a VCAP-DCA or DCD is an overall  better goal.  Don’t get me wrong I am not knocking the VCDX it is a great certification, but I would just like to hear some feedback on the subject.

I have a friend on twitter who stated “I would rather have it as more of a personal achievement” – Looking now, I am beginning to feel the same.  Feel free to comment away!

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