vSphere 5 and vCloud Director 1.5 – Post tasks and Things to look out on…

I am sure this topic has been beaten to death and I am sure I am not going to say anything I already may have said. I don’t want to cover how to perform the upgrade but I really wanted to provide some feedback on some post task implementation plains when doing your upgrade. I hope this is helpful to someone out there. For others this may not be something you have to worry about because you may use a standard installation of the components. For me however I find this invaluable because it puts you a position of what you can expect when doing the upgrade. In my experience I have run into every component being configured differently and sad to say it was impacting to time and stress…

The Post Checks:

  1. Back-up the stuff.. 😉
  2. User Accounts and service accounts for the following:
    1. VMware Update Manager
      1. Service account usually..
    2. vShield Manager
      1. Web Manager Log in
      2. Appliance Console log in
    3. vCloud Director Cells
      1. Root passwords
      2. Connectivity accounts in the configuration of the portal to vCenter
    4. vCenter Server services
      1. Service Accounts
    5. vChargeback
      1. I don’t use it but the same goes – get the accounts and IDs.
  3. Database configurations and user names and access
    1. Vmware Update Manager Database
      1. ODBC configuration
      2. SQL Permissions and Access (Use SQL manager to test!!!)
      3. SQL service account
    2. vCenter Server Database
      1. ODBC Configuration (64-bit)
      2. SQL Permissions and Access (Use SQL manager to test!!!)
      3. SQL service account
    3. VCD Oracle DB
      1. I’m not an oracle dude but you should just need to make sure its backed up.

I was able to clone and use a test upgrade on my vCenter to check all my configurations. I would highly recommend considering a standard configuration which if you follow VMware documentation you should be fine. Just remember to document things when you have to do them a bit different. One last thing I would recommend is definitely performing backups, snapshots, and even clones if you DON’T have 100% for sure backups. This is invaluable…

One Last Thing…

As a side note I don’t think I would add any of the other features of vCenter 5 unless you’re going to configure them and use them right then. There really is no point installing the other components because if you follow the VMware recommendations on vCenter sizing for each component consumes additional CPU. An example would be like installing the Web Client. It’s important to know what you are going to install and how you are going to configure it. If you are not going to configure it I would not install it. Standardize your implementation and then move forward.


About Chad King

I am an IT professional working in the industry for over 10 years. Starting in Microsoft Administration and Solutions I was also a free lance consultant for small businesses. Since I first saw virtualization I have always been fascinated by the concept. I currently specialize in VMware technology. I consult daily on many different types of VMware Solutions. I have experience in all domains related to virtualization and cloud solutions. From help desk, administration, engineering, implementation, and design allowing me to provide creative solutions with the understanding and gaps at all levels.

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