[Resolved] VMware Workstation 8 – Windows XP VM Hang Issue

This video explains how I solved my own issue after I upgraded to VMware Workstation 8. It seems going throught he process of removing and adding virtual devices narrowed mine down the A: drive or aka Floppy Disk. I just simply disconnected it through VMware Workstation and I would recommend removing it entirely if you do not need it. To this you would need to power down the VM. Just for the record I did an upgrade for VMware workstation, however it completely uninstalls and reinstalls the new version.

1. Power Down the VM

2. Right Click and go to “Settings”

3. Click on the Floppy Drive

4. Click Remove

5. Click Ok

*NOTE* You can also just uncheck the connect at power on option as well. I hope this fixes your issue as well.


About Chad King

I am an IT professional working in the industry for over 10 years. Starting in Microsoft Administration and Solutions I was also a free lance consultant for small businesses. Since I first saw virtualization I have always been fascinated by the concept. I currently specialize in VMware technology. I consult daily on many different types of VMware Solutions. I have experience in all domains related to virtualization and cloud solutions. From help desk, administration, engineering, implementation, and design allowing me to provide creative solutions with the understanding and gaps at all levels.

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  1. thanks, worked.


  2. Thanks a lot it worked
    u r my hero πŸ˜€


  3. Hi man. Sorry for bother you I’d like to ask you something. Do you have some step-by-step about migrating a physical domain controller to vmware?
    thanks in advance.


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