VMware Backup Journey CommVault and Veeam

The Beginning…
When I first started testing solutions for BU/DR for VMware it was a very interesting journey (in my lab). It was a big pain using IBM TSM for  virtual VMware backups, it’s also hard to find information on it as well..(Previous Experiences)  Other products like Data Domain are really useful to and serve their purpose.

VEEAM number 1 for VMware? (Is it true? Decide for yourself )
Personally, you will have to decide for yourself if Veeam is number 1 for VMware.  I personally don’t know because I really haven’t seen it deployed in large environments. I have tested it and worked with extensively a part from that.  I also believe it is one of the most advanced products when it comes to VMware environments.  It also offers a lot of features that most products for VMware Environments don’t. Of course this could be because they have some patent pending technologies.

Enter… CommVault… (The gap filler)
So needless to say as awesome and fun as it was working with VEEAM I had no choice but to check out CommVault. CommVault has an interesting approach and a Gap closer being able to bridge virtual and physical environments. That offer alone is enough for some companies to make a decision.  In some ways it may be better to compare CommVault to IBM TSM then to Veeam.  I will do my best to compare it to only VEEAM in regards to virtual environments.

My Personal Thoughts:
CommVault does have a lot of good things going for it but I sincerely believe (personal opinion) Veeam is a more “mature” backup product for the virtual arena.  I also think that Veeam could learn a thing or two from CommVault like getting into that physical backup space.  At the end of the day most companies would probably prefer an overall solution to multiple solutions  for backup and DR.  The answers lies and design and your requirements.  If your cloud platform has to meet certain requirements then VEEAM may be a better fit.  Then again, if you have to meet other requirements like retention requirements, encryption, of more granular things (like backup reporting) then CommVault may be a better fit. Pricing and things like that also have their pros and cons.

***Disclaimer: The thoughts and views expressed on and Chad King in no way reflect the views or thoughts of his employer or any other views of a company. These are his personal opinions which are formed on his own. Also, products improve over time and some things maybe out of date. Please feel free to contact us and request an update and we will be happy to assist. Thanks!~


About Chad King

I am an IT professional working in the industry for over 10 years. Starting in Microsoft Administration and Solutions I was also a free lance consultant for small businesses. Since I first saw virtualization I have always been fascinated by the concept. I currently specialize in VMware technology. I consult daily on many different types of VMware Solutions. I have experience in all domains related to virtualization and cloud solutions. From help desk, administration, engineering, implementation, and design allowing me to provide creative solutions with the understanding and gaps at all levels.

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  1. I work at a medium sized A/E firm and we are in a very similar situation as what you have described. We currently have an IBM TSM system backing up our main physical file server which houses about 8TB of project data files (CAD files, MS Office Doc, PDF’s and etc.). We had started out backing up our virtual servers with vRanger which worked well, but when our Exchange 2010 upgrade came along, we decided to purchase Veeam due the native Exchange intergration and how it handles Exchange backups (log file truncation and etc) when compared to vRanger. However, we are looking to finally put down our TSM environment and are looking at CommVault not only for backup but also its data management capabilities (archiving and etc.) to handle our project file server which we plan to virtualize. In any event, we plan to migrate all backup operations to one solution CommVault or Veeam…

    I am looking forward to part 2 of your series…



    • Hey Mike,
      I much appreciate the comment and today I was in a very long meeting with CommVault. With Simpana 9 there are some major game changers. Both products are exceptional in there own regards and I am doing my best to be unbiased. It already has generated a lot of interest. They both are really good products and you know as well as I do its probably going to come down to use case. I personally cannot wait to write up part 2 because I learned a lot in today’s meetings and discussions with CommVault. I would’ve loved to have VEEAM 6 as it really is a game changer in itself. Hopefully I can do a formal write up on VEEAM 6 when this is all over. Part 2 will be coming soon, stay tuned!


  2. Can’t wait for part 2. Keep up the good work


  3. Chad,

    Great write up and appreciate hearing your story. One of my SEs linked to your post on one of our internal sites. I am as well looking forward to hearing your second part II… One thing I can do for you though is provide one of my engineers to help you fully understand our V6 release if you like. I am sure you are aware that Veeam Backup and Replication v6 is out now and you can get a full 30 day evaluation copy as well. If you need any assistance, please ping your local SE or e-mail me directly david.siles[at]

    Happy Holiday!


    • Thanks Dave!

      I know, I just realized they released VEEAM v6. Since I am a VCP I am going to definitely pick up the v6 licenses! (NFR)
      Yeah it will be coming soon I hope. We have another LONG meeting with CommVault today to cover some things. I will be comparing CommVault to VEEAM version 6 (latest vs latest) sounds like the best thing. I will also point out where the CommVault product falls in my opinion even when compared to VEEAM version 5. This is obviously going to be based off cloud so it won’t really involve physical but I think its important to point out gaps :).


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