vSphere 5 Documentation Download and More

So I decided to waste some time the other day for while I was prepping for my VCP 5. I went ahead and compiled some PDF’s and some pretty awersome Blogs (Converted to PDF) so that way I could have an offline resource to study. I know me as a blogger I could really care less about someone using my blog to help them study and I am sure anyone in the community would really have a problem, after all that is what community is all about. 🙂

HOWEVER! If anyone would like NOT to have their blog in this awesome resource download then please let me know and I will quickly remove it.

ON A SEPERATE NOTE! If anyone would LIKE TOO have their blog noted here and would like to have a particular area to be placed in let me know as well.

Just note, that this is mostly related to getting the documentation quickly and efficiently when you need it. I use it in my drop box of course and have it sync with several systems. This makes it even more handy.

This is currently what I have: (Note: You can go to the VMware site and download the admin guides all in one zip file however, you want be able to download them in this way. I have made a zip folder for each category as specific as I can)
API and SDK Programming
CLI (vCLI and PowerCLI Includes Posters)
Other vSphere Documentation
Site Recovery Manager 5 (SRM)
VMware Storage Appliance (VSA)
VMware Update Manager (VUM)
vCenter Orchestrator (vCO)
VMware Data Recovery 2 (VDR)
VMware vCloud Director (VCD)
vSphere 5 What’s New Documentation
vSphere 5 Best Practices Documentation
vSphere 5 Networking
vSphere 5 Storage
vSphere and ESXi 5 – Admin Guides
vSphere HA-DRS Clustering Info
vSphere Management Adminstrator -vMA
Other Documentation

You can get the entire download HERE! 

***Disclaimer: The thoughts and views expressed on VirtualNoob.wordpress.org  and Chad King in no way reflect the views or thoughts of his employer or any other views of a company. These are his personal opinions which are formed on his own. Also, products improve over time and some things maybe out of date. Please feel free to contact us and request an update and we will be happy to assist. Thanks!~

About Chad King

I am an IT professional working in the industry for over 10 years. Starting in Microsoft Administration and Solutions I was also a free lance consultant for small businesses. Since I first saw virtualization I have always been fascinated by the concept. I currently specialize in VMware technology. I consult daily on many different types of VMware Solutions. I have experience in all domains related to virtualization and cloud solutions. From help desk, administration, engineering, implementation, and design allowing me to provide creative solutions with the understanding and gaps at all levels.

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